To Tame an Archdevil

Finding new meat shields

So there I was, just hanging out when I see a TIGER go by. I mean, really, a tiger in the Underdark?! And it’s not caged or anything. Seems PERFECTLY natural.

So, I’m in the market for new meat, even if there aren’t enough of them, but maybe Kitty-Boo will make up for that.

I make my way over to where they are being recruited by the local House servant to do a fun little job, no real work to it tho. So of course I jump in, take over, and we go rescue the princess. Never hurts to have a princess on your side. Really pisses off the guard when I take credit tho. Especially as she believed me.

Well, after that, we rest up a bit, and go fetch the Gems from the litch. Damned meat was almost worthless there tho. Except one, he kept blasting the litch from afar w/ some kind of magic. Not the usual stuff I see around here, but effective.

Unfortunately, we lost that one in destroying the litch. Got a bunch of loot tho. Oh, did I mention I offered to pay these guys by letting them live? They look Drow, but they aren’t. So I get all the loot for myself, or I turn them over to the local House & they get to be someone’s toys.

We get back, (after popping into & out of Dierex’s Planar Hopping Sphere), and go meet w/ the Princess. She’s got another little job for us. Kill some obnoxious tribesmen. Bah. Whatever.

Oh, yea, the spellcaster returns, minus a finger, and looking really messed up in the head. Ranting about losing his soul, and how a ring was evil, other crap. Messed him up a good bit too, b/c when we went & took out those tribesmen, he couldn’t target his spells worth shit. Clobbered me a bit, and damn near killed the House Lackey.

That apparently as a bit much for Mr. Lackey. He went nuts and was trying to kill the caster. I nearly was too, but this was too good a chance to pass up.

Took out the Lackey, and I’ll report his insanity to the princess. Should give me some House rank or favor. That’s always useful when looking for work.

We’ll have to see how that goes.

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