The Varisian coastal town of Sandpoint is the geographic hub of the campaign and the site of most of the pivotal events of the campaign’s history. In the early campaign it served as a source of quests including the Beginning Quest, the Mithril Scepter Quest, and The Skinner Murders.

After Elgerath and Fortress massacred half of the town’s guard force, the PCs were forced to set up shop outside of Sandpoint at Fort Cougar while Despero purchased Despero’s Inn near the waterfront.

When the PCs returned from the Falcon’s Hollow Quest they found the town garrisoned by a sizable force of Magnimar troops led by Captain Erik, in response to the threat to the city posed by the approaching Legion of the Iron Crown. The PCs were then hired by Nardyn, a powerful diviner working at the Sandpoint Academy to try to undermine the Legion’s forces to prevent their accessing Vigil Keep and possibly freeing the Archdevil Mephistopheles. These efforts included the Grundhagen Quest, and the Brynlore Sanatorium Quest.

Unfortunately the PCs were unsuccessful in preventing the invasion of the town, and despite brave heroics on the part of Alrikk and Beriadan (as well as some equally brave, but less heroic efforts from Fortress) the town fell during the First Battle of Sandpoint, primarily due to the immense power of the Lord of the Iron Crown as well as the Legion’s kobold, Drow, and ethereal undead reinforcements. Following the battle, the Lord of the Iron Crown successfully entered Vigil Keep.

Sandpoint is currently occupied by the Legion of the Iron Crown’s forces. Their current numbers are uncertain but could be estimated to be around 300 troops, all a combination of human, orcs, and goblins.


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